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Oh good, you found us!

Welcome to Jewel of the Nail, your #1 shop for artisan nail polish.

Handmade in Michigan, our unique blends of polish will have everyone commenting, “I love your nails!” 

Stay tuned for upcoming launches, such as Pride, and of course summer.


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Thank you for stopping by Jewel of the Nail. Your next shade is waiting for you.© 

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How It All Began

Jewel of the Nail was founded in honor of my mother Jewell, who loved nail polish. She also loved the film The Jewel of the Nile. When I was looking for a name for my new passion, I published a polish photo on social media and captioned it, “All my little jewels!” Something in my brain clicked and a business was born! I think she would be thrilled with the name.

At Jewel of the Nail, our goal is to bring you quality, unique, and beautiful nail polish that brightens your day and hands. Come check us out! Your next shade is waiting for you. 

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